Touring Couples Sans Souci Jamaica

Our first port on our cruise last month was Ocho Rios, Jamaica.  This was our first time to Jamaica, and I’d heard mixed reviews about Dunn’s River Falls, so we decided to take the day to tour a resort.  I get quite a few requests for trips to Jamaica, so I thought it was finally time to see one of the all inclusive resorts in Ocho Rios while we were there.

As the name suggests, Couples is an adults only property, which is a top priority for many of the honeymoon couples I work with.  Frankly, it seems that it’s becoming more and more popular among couples of all ages to stay somewhere without kids when they go on vacation, and Couples offers that perk!  Sadly, I didn’t think about taking pictures while we were touring, so I’ll have to paint a word picture for you.

When we arrived, we were taken on a tour around the resort grounds.  This property was quite a bit larger than I was anticipating, with lots to offer.

Couples Sans Souci has:

  • 150 Suites
  • 5 restaurants
  • 7 bars
  • 4 swimming pools
  • 3 jacuzzis
  • A private au naturel beach & pool

There are multiple accommodation buildings, as well as the main reception building and bars and restaurants throughout the property.  There is one long main beach area in front of the majority of the accommodation buildings, and a few smaller beach areas around the rest of the property as well, including the private au naturel area if you’re anti-tan lines.

We were shown a suite on the bottom floor of a beachfront building and it was gorgeous.  It had been recently renovated and I couldn’t get over how much space there was.  Our guide told us that many of their 150 total suites sell out well in advance, as they have multiple guests who return year after year, spending weeks at the resort.  I’m looking forward to retirement to have that kind of time off, but it’s easy to see how it would be no problem at all to stay in one of those suites for a few weeks straight.  They have everything you could possibly need.

There were a few things that really impressed me about this property.  I sell quite a few all inclusive vacations and it’s rare to find a property that truly includes everything, including all water sports and local tours and excursions, but at Couples, these come included.  The General Manager and Wedding Coordinator joined us for lunch and the food was delicious.  The service in all of the restaurants and bars was great, but the most impressive aspect for me was the quality and size of the suites.

On the other hand, there were a few areas that I thought could use some improvement. While the food in the lunch restaurant was great, the building itself looked like it could use a good cleaning.  The floor seemed rather dirty for having been closed for a period in between breakfast and lunch and the cushions on some of the chairs weren’t in the best shape.    We also spent awhile at the beachfront bar, and although the service was great, the drinks were fairly average.  I’m not a regular drinker, but the mixed drinks were mediocre in my opinion and I heard a few of the men around me complaining that Red Stripe was the only beer available.  While these few areas definitely wouldn’t stop me from staying and having a good time at this resort, they would make me second guess sending some particular guests here.

Overall, Couples San Souci is a win in my book.  Sun, sand, unlimited food, drinks, entertainment, and activities – there’s not much else you could ask for in terms of a relaxing beach vacation without kids.  I’m thrilled we were able to tour the property while we were in port for the day and will definitely be visiting again on future trips to Jamaica!

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