Traveling and Training

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to do some training with my consortium,, in Detroit and I’m so glad that I was able to attend.  It’s not very often that these travel training events come to Michigan, so I have to take advantage of them when they do, even if it means driving home in a blizzard in April!  The training was helpful, and the opportunity to meet and network with other agents from Michigan and the surrounding states, as well as Canada, was great.

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In addition to the beneficial training provided by, we also had round table discussions with the business development managers of several travel and tour suppliers who helped sponsor this event, which was invaluable.  We ended the day with a small trade show where I stocked up on new 2016 and 2017 brochures and even won a door prize!  This was especially exciting for me since I’m one of those people who never wins anything.  I’m sure most non-coffee drinking people like myself wouldn’t have been nearly so excited about a Starbucks gift card, but I was thrilled to have finally won something.  I wasted no time spending this gift card on my lunch while sitting in the Fort Lauderdale airport for 7+ hours last weekend.

I had one day back at work after my training in Detroit before I flew down to Florida to attend a Seminar at Sea aboard the Norwegian Getaway for a week.  We had a great week aboard the Getaway, but I’ll save those details for my next post!

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