When I started Globetrotter Travel, I had high hopes of blogging regularly about travel trends and destinations. I even brainstormed a huge list of blog topics that I planned to write about. I’ve learned, however, that running an entire business on your own can be VERY time-consuming.

Business picked up quickly after opening in May and it’s been pretty constant, which I’m thrilled about. When I’m not quoting trips, making reservations, or managing bookings however, I’ve stayed very busy by completing a LOT of trainings. Between webinars for travel suppliers and destinations, and on demand training through my host agency, there has been little free time to be spent blogging. I will continue to work through the list of blog topics I brainstormed as time allows, but I wanted to address why there hasn’t been much activity on the blog lately.

On a different note, all the time I’ve spent on training and education is starting to pay off. I’ve been officially re-certified (I was certified at my previous travel agency) as a 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist. I’ve also become a PEARLS agent with Paul Gauguin cruises, in addition to completing three specialist courses with Viking River Cruises. Now, I just need to find some time off to take advantage of the travel agent perks available through these programs!


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