Let the traveling commence!

After months of preparation, I am thrilled to announce that Globetrotter Travel is officially open for business! It’s been an adventure so far and I’m excited to see what our first few months have in store for us.  We’ve spent countless hours consulting, brainstorming ideas, filing paperwork, training, and building a brand new desk for our office, and we’re finally ready to move on to the next phase!

Check our website and blog weekly for travel updates, deals, and current promotions and please don’t hesitate to contact us with all of your vacation and travel planning questions!  Our next blog will cover the advantages of having a travel agent and why everyone should utilize our FREE services.



    • Thanks. We did consider having interactive deals, but since we update them weekly and manage the website ourselves, that would be a huge time commitment each week. Also, many of the current deals on the website are exclusive to travel agents, so the information that is available, is only visible with a travel agent ID and login through specific suppliers. The best way to get more information on those deals at this time, is to contact us directly either via email or by phone and we’ll be happy to provide more information! We also post deals periodically on our Facebook page, so you can find more information there as well!


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